The Birth of Western Philosophy: Plato & Aristotle (Drive & Learn) by Kosman


Publisher : Fall River Press
ISBN : 9781435137608
Year : 2012

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Perfect for listening to in your car or anywhere on the go, this Drive & Learn edition is a series of 14 exciting and informative lectures on 7 CDs, as well as an illustrated, book-length course guide to read at your leisure. The Birth of Western Philosophy The foundations of Western Philosophy rest squarely on the shoulders of Plato and Aristotle, teacher and pupil, who were among the first to formally express the basic drive of human beings to understand ourselves and the world we live in. In these penetrating lectures, Professor Aryeh Kosman examines the key works of these seminal thinkers, and explores the ways in which their commitment to reason as critical to our moral, political, and spiritual lives is as relevant today as it was in ancient Athens. Course Lectures: 1. Plato (with Nods to Socrates) 2. Euthyphro: The Virtue of Holiness 3. Charmides: The Virtue of Quiet Self-Control 4. Republic: Justice and the Virtue of Justice 5. Republic: Justice and the Philosopher King 6. Symposium: Is the Philosopher Capable of Love? 7. Phaedo: Death and the Philosopher 8. Aristotle: Patience with Complexity 9. Organon: Substance as the Primary Mode of Being 10. Metaphysics: What is Philosophy? 11. Biology and On the Soul: Life and Consciousness 12. Nichomachean Ethics: Ethics and the Good Life 13. Plato and Aristotle: Politics and Poetics 14. Plato and Aristotle: A Final Review and Summation

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