Engineering Mechanics: Statics


ISBN : 9781118164990

PENGARANG : J. L. Meriam

PENERBIT : John Wiley & Sons Inc; 7th Edition

TAHUN : 2012

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Product Description

The 7th edition of this classic text continues to provide the samehigh quality material seen in previous editions. The text isextensively rewritten with updated prose for content clarity,superb new problems in new application areas, outstandinginstruction on drawing free body diagrams, and new electronicsupplements to assist readers.

Furthermore, this edition offers more Web-based problem solvingto practice solving problems, with immediate feedback;computational mechanics booklets offer flexibility in introducingMatlab, MathCAD, and/or Maple into your mechanics classroom;electronic figures from the text to enhance lectures by pullingmaterial from the text into Powerpoint or other lecture formats;100+ additional electronic transparencies offer problem statementsand fully worked solutions for use in lecture or as outside studytools.

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    B The majority of problems in the book depict realistic situations encountered in engineering practice. It is hoped that this realism will both stimulate the student rsquo s interest in engineering mechanics and provide a means for developing the skill to reduce any such problem from its physical description to a model or symbolic representation to which the principles of mechanics may be applied.

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