Game-Changing Strategies


ISBN : 9780470276877
Author : Constantinos C. Markides
Publisher : Jossey Bass
Edition/Year : 2008

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Game-Changing Strategies explains the reasons behind this puzzle and presents practical ideas on how established firms could not only discover new radical business models but also grow them next to their existing business models. The challenge for established firms is not the discovery of a new business model?the real challenge is how to make two business models coexist. This book offers advice on how established firms can implement structures and processes that make the new business model less conflicting and more palatable to the existing business.

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    To redefine the game you must create mutually beneficial connections between people and between organizations to fulfill their collective purpose — and then amplify their collaborative actions to have the broadest or deepest possible impact in a way that levels the playing field for everyone. Each and every one of us represents the continuation of a countless number of legacies and we can blaze trails for others to follow.

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