The Art of Photoshop


ISBN : 9780672322709

Author : Giordan

Publisher : SAMS

Edition/Year :2002

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Adobe Photoshop is the world’s leading image manipulation software. Used by both professional and amateur graphic designers, it is the de facto standard for print and Web publishing.

The Art of Photoshop centers on a suite of 20 digital images created by Daniel Giordan and his staff at DigiRAMA design studios. Visually complex, and rich in layered tonality, these images are designed to inspire readers to push their understanding of Photoshop and its capabilities, while offering a glimpse over the designer’s shoulder into how the images were created.

The reader will not only learn the techniques used by the author, but also how to apply them to their own images. They will learn how to use curves to correct color, silhouette images, use gradient maps, build custom brushes, use blending modes, and draw and paint into an image.


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