Organizational Behavior 8Ed by Mcshane


Publisher : McGraw Hill Higher Education; 8th edition
ISBN : 9781259921704
Year : 2017

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Organizational Behavior, 8e by McShane / Von Glinow helps everyone make sense of Organizational Behavior, and provides the conceptual tools to work more effectively in the workplace. This author duo continue the trailblazing innovations that made the previous editions of Organizational Behavior recognized and adopted by the new generation organizational behavior instructor.The McShane and Von Glinow product is acclaimed for:Readability, presentation of current knowledgeLinking OB concepts and theories with realityStrong International / Global orientationContemporary Theory Foundation (without the jargon)Active Learning and Critical Thinking SupportTextbook’s philosophy OB knowledge is for everyone, not just traditional managers. Organizational Behavior, 8e is written in the context of these emerging workplace realities. This edition explains how emotions are the foundation of employee motivation, attitudes, and decisions; how social networks generate power and shape communication patterns; how self-concept influences individual behavior, team cohesion, and leadership; and how adopting a global mindset has become an important employee characteristic in this increasingly interconnected world. This book also presents the reality that organizational behavior is not just for managers; it is relevant and valuable to anyone who works in and around organizations.


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