ISBN : 9780470234600

Author : David Besanko , Ronald R. Braeutigan

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Edition/Year : 3rd/2008

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Besanko and Braeutigam present the concepts and theory of microeconomics in a style that enables the reader to learn and experience it. The authors include numerous fully worked–out problems that provide a step–by–step road map to help them solve numerical problems. In addition, extensive real–world examples are integrated throughout the chapters that show contemporary applications of the theory. Each chapter also opens with an engaging example to draw readers into the material.


  1. Ismail

    a0a0 This review is from: I loved this book! Usually the fact that it’s a text book would bore you alraedy, however this book is both entertaining and educational! I’m an accountant but recently I’ve started exploring the investment banking world, and this book was definately my candel through the dark times! It’s easy to read, yet rich in content! Actually, I loved this book so much that I bought all the Barron’s business series books! If you want to study finance, or need a great comprehensive reference, then I recommend this book!

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