Economics 12Ed, Global Edition by Parkin


Publisher : PEARSON, 12th edition
ISBN : 9781292094502
Year : 2015

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An intuitive and grounded approach to economics Get students to think like an Economist using the latest policy and data while incorporating global issues. Economics, Twelfth Edition builds on the foundation of the previous edition and retains a thorough and careful presentation of the principles of economics. Economics emphasizes real-world applications, the development of critical thinking skills, diagrams renowned for pedagogy and clarity, and path-breaking technology. Each chapter opens with one of today’s central issues and is then revisited in the chapter ending Economics in the News feature. This Parkin hallmark encourages student to think critically about a news article relating to the issue, demonstrating how thinking like an economist can bring a clearer perspective to and deeper understanding of today’s events. Students will begin to think about issues the way real economists do and learn how to explore difficult policy problems to make more informed decisions in their own economic lives.


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