Client/Server Architecture (McGraw-Hill Computer Communications Series) Subsequent Edition by Berson


Publisher : McGraw-Hill; Subsequent edition
ISBN : 9780070056640
Year : 1996

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With new coverage of middleware, Windows 95, and Windows NT – not to mention the hot areas of massively parallel processing, data warehousing, OLAP, and data mining – industry expert Alex Berson updates his authoritative guide to the distributed computing environment. The Second Edition brings you up to speed on these and other swiftly changing areas in client/server architecture at a level that virtually guarantees you’ll speed system implementation and improve performance.
Client/Server Architecture, Second Edition, covers components, open systems, specialization in both client and server, and second-generation, multi-tiered implementations of client/server systems. This updated edition also provides a management view of costs and risks in implementing client/server systems. Berson clarifies the issues of distributed objects, data warehousing, on-line analytical processing, data mining, high performance commercial computing, and client/server application development. In addition to discussing data distribution between heterogeneous databases, he illustrates data replication by examining the popular implementations offered by major vendors.


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