150 Things You Should Know About Security


ISBN : 9780750698337

Author : Lawrence Fenelly , Louis Tyska

Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann

Year : 1997

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150 Things You Should Know About Security describes current interests, concerns, and needs pertinent to effective security. Several themes have been included, such as management principles and styles, communications, security applications, investigations, technology, physical security, the future, and others.
Security and asset practitioners build their professional reputations upon a foundation of measurable achievements in support of a business plan. Specifically, the reduction and prevention of crime, loss, and liability risks are the main issues that influence where and when attention and resources must be focused. Two Internet appendices are included: security-related Web sites in general and missing children Web sites.
Coverage of security management, applications, physical security, and more.
Easy-to-use alphabetical format with comprehensive index.
Written by two of the most qualified experts in the security field.


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